Talkmap® Is the North Star of Customer Experience Data

Transforming 100% of customer conversations into game-changing visibility and intelligence at the volume, speed, & scale to make it actionable for world leading brands

Talkmap is the only company delivering real-time conversational intelligence and insights at the volume and scale required to transform CX & EX for the world’s largest enterprises.

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Talkmap® Unveils Talkdiscovery® Version 8.3, Revolutionizing Contact Center CX with Advanced LLM Accuracy and Performance to Agent Desktops

DALLAS, April 29, 2024 Talkmap, the leading generative AI platform for contact center Conversational Intelligence used by some of the largest mobile service providers and financial services institutions, is thrilled…

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Navigating the Intricacies of Generative AI and Conversational Analytics

By David Attwater, Senior Scientist, Talkmap Conversational analytics is essential for businesses interested in how to dissect the nuances of customer conversations and interactions in order to improve the customer…

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Understanding Generative AI and Large Language Models

By David Attwater, Senior Scientist, Talkmap Over five billion people have access to the Internet today, and more and more of them are talking about Generative AI. In fact, it’s…

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How Talkmap Was Built: Cracking The Enterprise Call Center Nut With Generative Ai—Part 4

Radical new approaches to long-standing problems appear thanks to generative AI Big Idea #4: Nitty Gritty Generative AI Operationalization Armed with a language model, conversational AI, and the ability to…

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How Talkmap Was Built: Big Idea 3 – Democratizing Access To Conversational Data

Radical new approaches to long-standing problems appear thanks to generative AI With the rise of AI, more and more organizations were able to utilize this technology in an attempt to…

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How Talkmap Was Built: Big Idea 2 – Intent Discovery for Conversational Analysis

Radical new approaches to long-standing problems appear thanks to generative AI The business case for AI is stronger than ever. AI technology has streamlined day-to-day processes, allowing for safe, secure,…

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The Future Of Conversational Ai Begins With Continuous Intent Discovery

Generative AI and LLMs have been all the rage over the last two to three quarters, and many companies are scrambling to get ‘something’ delivered. While others are trying to…

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Scott Murray, an Industry Veteran, to Join Talkmap Board of Directors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Board Member brings decades of industry experience – DALLAS, July 11, 2023. Today, Talkmap, a leading AI-powered conversational intelligence platform that transforms call center conversations into…

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Talkmap + Nvidia Webinar: Leveraging Generative AI to Deliver Transformational, Real-Time Conversational Intelligence

Register For the Webinar May 31, 11 am- 12 noon EST (8 am- 9 am PST)   We are pleased to invite you to a virtual event Wednesday, 31st May at…

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Talkmap® named in the 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Conversational and Natural Language Technology report

Talkmap was recognized in the 2022 Cool Vendors™ in Conversational and Natural Language Technology Report DALLAS, TX – 3 June 2022: Talkmap, a leading provider of Conversational Intelligence solutions, today…

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The most valuable Customer Experience Data available.

An intimate understanding of your customers – and what really matters to them – is the goal of all Customer Experience Data, because this insight drives everything.

Talkmap automatically & continuously unlocks real-time insights, context, & preferences as they happen in your customer conversations.


Customer care professionals are realizing that truly understanding the voice of the customer can only be done by listening to the verbal interactions of the customer with your company.”

2022 State of Voice Technology Survey

Talkmap is the only company that makes this possible. At the speed and scale enterprises need.

Test us, we’ll prove it.
We’re faster. Better. Unrivaled.

Talkmap translates customer interactions into actionable insights in real-time.

Patented AI-powered machine learning
World leading linguistics
Unmatched speed & scale

Talkmap® Customer Experience Data

Talkmap automatically and continuously analyzes, structures, organizes, labels, & visualizes raw conversations in real-time, to transform CX, EX, automation, & operations.

Customer conversations hold the secrets capable of transforming companies.

From hyper-personalized proactive CX & EX, to game-changing improvements in automation & operations.

Customer Data Insights

Timely, actionable insights to identify issues & improve CX, EX, and operations across every area of your business.

Call Center Performance

Call Center enhancement, via agent co-piloting, best practice learning & scripting.

Issue Identification

Real-time troubleshooting of customer complaints and product-related issues

Our powerful platform and partnerships have already made us an industry leader

Talkmap named in the 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Conversational & Natural Language Technology report
“Talkmap automatically and continuously analyzes, structures, organizes, labels, & visualizes raw conversations to be used in a variety of applications across an organization that transforms an enterprise’s CX and EX”
Highlights Talkmap for actionable analytics & better customer experience.

Talkmap has partnered with leading Systems Integrators and tech giants throughout the Martech & EX stacks to provide native integrations into the leading CDP, CRM, ERP, & HR platforms.

Revolutionary solutions for multiple industries


Banking & Financial Services


Retail, CPG, Consumer Services


Why enterprises need Talkmap

Talkmap’s revolutionary Talkdiscovery platform enables you to understand EVERY interaction your brand has with EVERY customer at scale, in real-time.

Talkmap’s patented technology automates the effort to understand, structure, organize, & visualize 100% of your customer conversations.

This delivers the unbiased, timely, & actionable insights and visibility to transform key areas:

CX: An intimate understanding of your customer & what really matters to them transforms their journey.

EX: Employees who have the tools to make their customers happy enjoy their job & deliver great CX.

Automation: Dramatically accelerates & improves omni-channel self-service while lowering costs & improving CX.

Operations: Quickly identify & improve issues in every area of your business

It’s Business Intelligence at the source. Automatic learning. At scale. In real-time.

“The Conversational Intelligence Gap and What To Do About It”

– Opus Research, April 2022

One company that is gaining significant traction in this space among industry leaders and systems integrators is Talkmap. Talkmap is a Conversational Intelligence company whose models and algorithms utilize 100% of ongoing customer conversations as they occur to gain accurate and timely visibility into customers and how they change over time. Importantly, because Talkmap’s models are not pre-built, but rather are trained by actual customer conversations, their accuracy, value, and actionability are all demonstrably improved and is what enables it to work on an ongoing, sustainable basis. As customers change, Talkmap’s models identify it.”