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Talkmap accelerates and
improves business intelligence
and automation for the world's
leading enterprises

Better-than-human accuracy, more robust understanding, 250X faster, at scale.

New Opus Research report shines a brilliant light on Conversational Intelligence & how it provides enterprises with unprecedented, real-time visibility into their customers as they change over time.

The Conversational Intelligence Gap And What To Do About It – April 2022
“Talkmap automatically and continuously analyzes, structures, organizes, labels, & visualizes raw conversations to be used in a variety of applications across an organization that transforms an enterprise’s CX and EX”
– Opus Research


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Talkmap transforms customer calls & chats into actionable insights

Talkmap’s breakthrough technology uses AI-powered machine learning – with conversational understanding, to automate the manual, slow, and costly effort to access companies’ most valuable assets – customer conversations.

Identify and act on the best opportunities for automation and business improvements in nearly real-time via a fully automated cloud SaaS platform.

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Talkmap named Cool Vendor for Conversational Platforms

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Talkmap named leader in “Better Bots Faster Movement”

Highlights Talkmap for actionable analytics & better customer experience.

Enterprises aren’t leveraging their most valuable assets —
conversations with their customers.

Talkmap offers never-before-seen visibility into customer conversations that enables:

Accelerated automation, bot development, and management

Better bots that tap into an ongoing pulse of your organization’s conversations.

Transformational visibility into every area of your business

Timely insights that enable ongoing improvements, alerts of problems,competitive activity, & trends

Significant cost savings

Talkmap offers never-before-seen visibility & speed…many companiesrealize $50M-$150M+ of costsavings.

Transformational insights & speed.

We accelerate automation & business insights
We combine world-leading computational linguistics expertise with sophisticated AI and Machine Learning models for the world’s largest enterprise customer contact centers.

Proprietary technology automates with surprising efficiency
Our technology ingests, labels, structures & analyzes raw conversation data automatically and maps every customer conversation in nearly real-time allowing for timely insights, analysis, & acceleration of automation.

Intuitive Talkdiscovery® Platform to access it all
Our patented Cloud SaaS Conversational AI platform provides dynamic mapping tools that are easy-to-use and produce customizable visual maps of 100% of an enterprise’s customer conversation data.


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Our pictures are worth a million conversations

TalkMap Workflow

Customer conversations provide the raw data

  • Live, recorded and/or transcribed calls & chats
  • Virtual agents/assistants
  • Chatbots

Talkmap automates data structuring in nearly real-time

  • Ingest raw, unstructured conversation data
  • Analyze, discover, & label intents/topics/goals
  • Model & structure conversation data
  • View/export maps by topic/functional area

Dynamic mapping tools allow youto put the power of your customer data to work.

  • Easy-to-use, searchable maps of conversation data
  • Valuable data for accelerated automation & bot training
  • Powerful & timely insights for Stakeholders

We enable customers to interact naturally & efficiently with automation

Continuous model learning keeps automation running smoothly.
Talkmap ingests 100% of customer conversations to dynamically learn, train, & keep bots current using language your customers understand.

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The Result
Automation that works 250X faster than current methods via a fully automated cloud SaaS platform.

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Business Intelligence

Like a crystal ball for every area of your business

product / service issues

business challenges

legal / compliance

competitive risks

Crystal Ball

happy / unhappy paths

marketing insights

best practices

current events & trends

Easily explore customer conversations with successful outcomes to capture best practices phone & chat scripting that turns all agents into your best agents.


Powerful Intuitive Platform Interface

Easy-to-use, customizable and searchable interface identifies topics your customers are talking about (250x faster vs traditional methods), from their perspective and using their own words.

Clear visibility into the most frequent conversation paths, outcomes and turns.
Data grouping exposes patterns once hidden deep within conversational data.
Export findings directly to your bot assistant.
Color codes for quick dissemination of data.
Visibility into actual conversational details & transcripts.
Conversations organized into goals, topics, & flows.
See conversation flows and intents by volume.
Load Call & Chat Data.

Powerful & Intuitive Talkdiscovery® Platform Interface

Easy-to-use, customizable and searchable interface identifies topics your customers are talking about (250x faster vs traditional methods), from their perspective and using their own words.

Side-by-side comparison: Large silicon valley tech company’s project vs. Talkmap

Better accuracy, more robust results, in a fraction of the time & cost

*1 30 employees x $200,000 per year x 2 years x 80% of effort to prepare data based on 2018 Crowdflower report
**2 Estimated labor savings by automating data labeling, intent discovery and bot training data generation tasks + reduced time to market of 23 months at a monthly cost savings of $140,000

Talkmap – the ‘DNA Mapping’ of Customer Conversations

Talkmap technology functions like DNA-mapping—providing the structure & details of customer conversations needed to identify the best opportunities for automation & business improvements.

Talkmap surfaces user problems and needs, then categorizes them so we can focus on those that are more impactful.

— Executive Director, Global Technology, World Leading Financial Institution