Talkmap + Nvidia Webinar: Leveraging Generative AI to Deliver Transformational, Real-Time Conversational Intelligence

May 19, 2023

Nvidia, Infosys, quantiphi, Talkmap

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May 31, 11 am- 12 noon EST (8 am- 9 am PST)

We are pleased to invite you to a virtual event Wednesday, 31st May at 11 am EST/8 am PST, where experts from Nvidia, Infosys and Quantiphi will discuss how telecommunications companies are using AI to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer engagement.


Unlock Your Most Valuable Asset at High Speed and Scale

Enterprises recognize that there’s significant value in accessing and understanding customer conversation data to improve their business. Yet with millions of monthly customer conversations, most companies analyze less than 1%. They simply don’t have the tools and technology to analyze 100% of conversations with accuracy.

Accelerate Business Insights With Conversational Intelligence

With patented AI-powered technology running on NVIDIA GPUs, Talkmap’s conversational intelligence platform automatically and continuously turns customer conversations into powerful business insights. To achieve the high accuracy needed for analyses, Talkmap selected NVIDIA® Riva automated speech recognition (ASR) to transcribe customer-agent interactions, which are then used for customer intent discovery, conversation labeling, and real-time call summaries.

“This is a breakthrough technology. It does things that people don’t believe are possible.”

— Dan Miller, Opus Research


Improve Customer Experiences and Transform Results

A top global telco used Talkmap to identify actionable insights, resulting in reduced call transfers, improved first-call resolution, and increased containment in digital channels. Besides improving customer experiences, the telco will save over $50 million in operations and self-service costs.




Ken Goldberg, Talkmap’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Partner Management will join representatives from Nvidia, Infosys and Quantiphi in a discussion about how telecommunications companies are using AI to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer engagement.


Talkmap Highlights 

Talkmap’s AI-powered conversational intelligence platform turns customer conversations into actionable insights in near real time.


  • Telecommunications and utilities
  • Finance, banking, and insurance


  • Lack of accurate tools to extract insights from customer conversation data
  • Need for accelerated computing to process massive data in real time

Products Used

  • NVIDIA Riva
  • NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs


  • Accurate real-time business intelligence at high scale
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • 10% reduction in cost to serve

Nvidia & Talkmap Webinar


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