Talkmap unlocks transformational intelligence & CX data in real time from your largest and most valuable untapped asset:
Conversations with customers

Companies handle millions of customer conversations each year with issues, needs, & wants that are constantly changing. Talkmap delivers real-time insights & visibility into CX, EX, operations, & automation.

Talkmap’s AI-powered machine learning, with conversational understanding gives you intimate visibility into 100% of your contact center & call center conversations as they occur.

Intimate and real-time understanding of your customer data is critical to improving your business

An intimate understanding of customers drives everything: strategy, key initiatives, & operational improvements
Today’s tools don’t tell the whole story & are subject to limitations, under-representation among key customer segments, & long lead times
We call this new customer understanding conversational intelligence

Customer conversations contain the insights required to transform every area of an organization

Talkmap is the only company in the world that can take large volumes of customer conversations and – within 24 hours – automatically analyze, discover, label, structure, & map all the reasons customers are calling…

Then continue to monitor & visualize 100% of ongoing conversations to provide a real-time pulse on every aspect of your business… including what’s working, what’s not, & why.

Imagine tapping into this every day in real-time, from every customer call & chat, to instantly and consistently understand your customers & their preferences.

It’s conversational intelligence at the source

Better Inputs

Customer issue, need, question, concern, challenge

Better Inputs

Customer looks up “contact info”

Better Inputs

Waits for agent

Better Inputs

Customer shares with agent

Everything important to them about your business

Customer Care/Service

Customer Experience (CX)

Digital/Conversational Commerce


Retention/ Loyalty/ Save Team

Customer Acquisition

Tech Support


Employee Support & Experience (EX)


Talkmap automatically discovers what customers are talking about and allows enterprises to understand WHY they are making contact…at the volume, speed, & scale to make it actionable for world leading brands.


Automatically trains itself to analyze customer goals and agent actions using actual customer conversations.


Labels, structures, organizes and visualizes 100% of calls & chats across every area of an organization.


Produces enriched conversation dataand event-driven intelligence, including customer context and agent actions, and provides trends, correlations, alerts, and conversation maps.


Integrates seamlesslywith existing data platforms via API to complete the 360-degree view of customers.

“Most enterprises are realizing that they need to be laser focused on the customer and that real-time customer conversations are the best source of this insight. These ongoing interactions contain valuable and timely insights that identify issues and opportunities for the company to improve both its products and its customer engagement.”
— Gartner Research: ‘Cool Vendors in Conversational and Natural Language Technology’

Published 19 May 2022, by Gabriele Rigon, Soyeb Barot, JC Martel, Magnus Revang, Bern Elliot, Annette Jump, Van Baker