How it Works

Talkmap’s patented technology provides ground-breaking visibility into 100% of your customer conversation data.

Companies have massive amounts of conversation data – the challenge is making it accessible and actionable
The proprietary Talkdiscovery® Cloud SaaS Conversational AI platform uses world-leading linguistics expertise to dynamically guide advanced AI & machine learning models.

This provides never-before-seen visibility into the patterns across millions of conversations, making it easy to identify the best opportunities for automation & general business improvements.

We provide the interface, tools, APIs & dashboards that make it easy for every person with customer-facing responsibility to access & act on the data.

How our Talkdiscovery Platform works

Customer conversations

  • Live, recorded &/or transcribed calls & chats
  • Virtual agents / assistants
  • Chatbots

Automated functionality in nearly real-time

  • Ingest raw, unstructured conversation data
  • Analyze, discover, & label intents/topics/flows
  • Model & structure conversation data
  • View/export maps/data by topic/functional area

Easy-to-use dashboard & tools

  • Customizable and searchable maps 
  • Tools use 100% of conversation data
  • Insights for accelerated automation
  • Inputs for bot training, & ongoing improvement
  • Powerful & timely intelligence for Stakeholders

Find out how dynamic real-time customer data can grow your business.

Talkmap delivers powerful & timely insight into topics across ALL conversations

Customer conversations are labeled & mapped by customer goal, with the height and position of the goal bars (on far left) showing the proportional volume, making it easy to prioritize the most important ones.

Each flow maps the paths taken by conversation type… the width of each path is proportionate to the volume of conversations taking that path.

Easy-to-use interface enables the user to simply click a flow to see patterns, explore paths & even read transcripts of calls.

Transformational insights & speed.


Accelerated automation & business intelligence

We combine world-leading computational linguistics expertise with sophisticated AI and Machine Learning models for the world’s largest customer-focused enterprises.

Proprietary technology automates with surprising efficiency

Our technoplogy ingests, labels, structures & analyzes raw conversation data automatically and maps every customer conversation in nearly real-time allowing for timely insights, analysis, & acceleration of automation.

Intuitive Platform to access it all

Our patented Cloud SaaS Conversational AI platform provides dynamic mapping tools that are easy-to-use and produce customizable visual maps of 100% of an enterprise’s customer conversation data.

Talkmap Automation: Omni-channel conversation data platform

Leveraging a common framework to improve automation and CX across channels


See the benefits of making your business part of the Talkmap conversation.