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Accelerated automation and
business intelligence that’s
transforming business.

What It Delivers

Delivering what’s critical to today’s businesses

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Transformational speed & visibility into every area of your business



Accelerated bot development & ongoingautomation improvement



Data-driven discovery of revenue & cost savings opportunities

Always-On Data

Always-On Data

Conversations offer continuous insight into what’s working, not working, unmet needs, and best practices.

Business Intelligence

Talkmap is like a crystal ball for your business

Transformational speed & visibility into every area of your business
Easy-to-use, customizable and searchable interface identifies topics your customers are talking about, from their perspective and using their own words.

product / service issues

business challenges

legal / compliance

competitive risks

Crystal Ball

happy / unhappy paths

marketing insights

best practices

current events & trends

Companies often experience business impacts but can’t identify the cause…
Talkmap provides visibility to identify issues quickly.

Talkmap dramatically accelerates the speed and scale of bot development

Bot Development

Accelerated bot development & ongoing automation improvement

Game-changing automation of intensive manual processes accelerates & improves bot development and keeps them current.

People like automation when it works well.


In just days, Talkmap automated a world-leading fintech company’s large data science team’s two-year effort. See what they delivered.

Recent Talkmap results for world-leading financial company:

*1 30 employees x $200,000 per year x 2 years x 80% of effort to prepare data based on 2018 Crowdflower report
**2 Estimated labor savings by automating data labeling, intent discovery and bot training data generation tasks + reduced time to market of 23 months at a monthly cost savings of $140,000

Training machine-learning models requires more manual work than people think

Talkmap automates the highly-manual 90% and provides powerful tools for the last 10%


More complex than it looks

Average time allocated to machine-learning project tasks January 2020, of total

The Result
We automate the manual work so you can focus on the important stuff.

We’re totally sold on rolling this out across all channels

Contact Center BPO

Talkmap proven through technical machine learning models and trials

Talkmap produced +30% greater accuracy and performance through the use of AI Models and ML that use existing conversations (calls/chats).

+30% increase in machine-learning performance

See what transformational insights & speed can do for your business.


We enable customers to interact naturally & efficiently with automation

Continuous model learning keeps automation running smoothly.
Talkmap ingests 100% of customer conversations to dynamically learn, train, & keep bots current using language your customers understand.


The Result
Automation that works 250X faster than current methods via a fully automated cloud SaaS platform.

Conversation intents (goals) discovered in nearly real-time from existing conversation chats/calls (vs. long wait times for project results previously)

This platform is like
having 300 QA people – except we can use our actual information vs spot checking

Contact Center BPO Executive

Customer Results

Customer Results:
Talkmap identified +50%-200% more intents/goals in a fraction of the time

Talkmap proven through tier one enterprise proof-of-concept technical projects

I’m ready to maximize automation for my business.


Data-driven discovery of revenue & cost savings opportunities

Talkmap’s timely insight enables companies to capture new revenue & cost savings

Better Inputs

Better bot inputs & ongoing automation improvement

Talkmap enables people to interact naturally with automation, delivering better CX, retention, & reductions in live agent costs.

Reduce Effort

Reduce manual effort &increase profitability

We save companies millions of dollars while redeploying critical resources, including reductions of high-cost, hard-to-find resources.

Time to Value

Accelerates time-to-value

Identification & implementation of new revenue opportunities, including best practices in customer acquisition, retention, & more.

 Our dynamically guided AI & machine learning models drastically improve accuracy, visibility and speed

Continuous Business Insights & Model Learning

Talkmap ingests 100% of customer conversations to deliver continual insights into your most valuable untapped assets- customer conversations. This offers a critical pulse into your customer experience and keeps automation current.

Better-Than-Human Accuracy

Talkmap’s patented AI-powered machine learning- with conversational understanding delivers significantly higher accuracy/ F1 intent scores in nearly real-time.

Never-Before-Seen Visibility Across Millions of Conversations

Talkmap identifies patterns from customer data that point to the best opportunities for business improvements & automation. And a dashboard that make it easy for every person with customer-facing responsibility to access & act on the data.

Linguistics-aidedMachine Learning

Talkmap learns your data, then uses world-leading linguistics expertise to provide transformational visibility into your customer and superior automation.

+200%-500% The Number Of Discovered Bot Intents

Talkmap identifies more intents in a fraction of the time and cost. This improves customer experience by making it easy for people to interact with automation.


Accelerated Time To Value 250x Faster

Talkmap accelerates transformation of Customer Experience by: 1) Identifying issues in operations; 2) Enabling successful automation, and 3) Capturing best practices in scripting to transform all agents into your best agents.

Always-On Data

If you’re working with old data, what are you working with?

Talkmap enables you to keep a pulse on what customers are saying about new products, promotions, product & service issues, competitive activity & current events.

Conversations offer continuous insight into what’s working, not working, unmet needs, and best practices.

It’s easy to see why conversations are the most valuable untapped asset of an organization.

This is why timely insight is critical…
Quick action is essential to maximize growth and profitability.

Talkmap named market leader in Conversation Automation Platforms


The “Better Bots Faster”
Movement: new platforms from Nuance, Talkmap and Google

Article by Opus Research Analyst,
Dan Miller

Like employee training, but for bots

Cognition puts call center and live chat customer conversations in a format
that the business can see and that bots can learn from.

Bot Training

The Result
It’s like a bot listened to every agent conversation to learn how to handle every scenario the right way from the very beginning.

I’m ready to see the results Talkmap can deliver for us.