How Talkmap Was Built: Big Idea 3 – Democratizing Access To Conversational Data

Nov 14, 2023

Radical new approaches to long-standing problems appear thanks to generative AI

With the rise of AI, more and more organizations were able to utilize this technology in an attempt to gain deeper insights into their conversational data. However, early in AI’s implementation in this context, these conversational insights were presented solely as numbers and text which, while useful for traditional business technologies, left much to be desired when it came to conducting a meaningful analysis of conversation data. This is where Talkmap’s TalkDiscovery Agent Desktop came into play. We were able to present AI-powered data insights in a democratized, human-focused interface. Here’s how we did it.

This article is a continuation of the Talkmap foundation series. You can read both part 1 and part 2 on our press page.

Big Idea #3: A new visual metaphor designed for conversations

By 2019, call center leaders had run pilots using the DPA to find conversational insights among millions of conversations in minutes. But those insights were presented with numbers and text, the type of data traditional business intelligence tools are designed to display.

What was missing was a human-computer visual interaction style built for exploring conversations that put utterances, intent, and the temporal flow of conversations in the hands of subject matter experts and agents to explore interactively.

As Lotus, Excel, and other tools democratized the ability to visualize numbers and text, conversation data needed a new visual metaphor.

Talkmap designed its TalkDiscovery Agent Desktop to create a visual model designed for chunks of conversations (utterances) that lead to goals (intents). This visual model required a new central visual model built around chart types like Sankey diagrams, Flowmaps, and network graphs.

The Talkmap visual metaphor shows patterns of conversation that lead to goals in the order they unfold, just as a map helps you navigate your car to its destination.

Humans leverage this view of conversation patterns to understand what actions lead to positive outcomes. Within Talkmap’s clients, subject matter experts could more quickly adapt to customer sentiment, spot problems, and seize opportunities.

The TalkDiscovery Agent Desktop was released in 2020 to democratize this visual experience for call center subject matter experts, agents, and leaders.

This was the third big idea of Talkmap: democratizing access to conversational data.

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