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critical for business
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Why Talkmap

Conversations with customers and prospects offer continuous insight into what’s working, not working, unmet needs, and best practices.

A continuous flow of insights from Customers & prospects drive significant top & bottom-line impact – It’s easy to see why conversations are the most valuable untapped asset of an organization.

If your customers and prospects are talking about it, Talkmap identifies it.

Talkmap’s AI-powered Machine Learning platform transforms customer calls & chats into actionable business insights.

Talkmap enables you to keep a pulse on what customers are saying about new products, promotions, product & service issues, competitive activity & current events.

We talk with millions of customers a year, yet have little insight into what they are saying…

Former Telco Executive

If you don’t have full visibility into your contact center’s daily conversations, you’re missing your most valuable untapped asset.

Talkmap’s conversational automation and intelligence platform gives you nearly real-time visibility into your customer conversations.

More accurate, deeper insights.
100% of Conversations.
Every day.

Talkmap is revolutionizing the way enterprises access Customer insights

Our proprietary AI-powered machine learning- with conversational understanding, automates the manual, slow, & costly effort to access insights locked deep within companies’ most valuable assets – customer conversations.

What used to take 1 year can now be done in nearly real-time every day, with more robust findings, better-than-human accuracy, at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a conversational automation and intelligence platform that’s transforming enterprises…More accurate. More robust. 250X faster. At scale.

Research tells us that organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers:

sales growth = +85% 
gross margin = +25%

Yet most companies are using only a fraction of the data in their possession. Many are forced to
rely on stale data, and core processes may require considerable manual work.

The solutions you are looking for are often hidden deep in your company’s customer conversations

Source: McKinsey.com “Capturing value from your customer data”

Find out how dynamic real-time customer data can grow your business.

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High Frequency

Always-on, high frequency data is critical to gaining accurate insights

Keeping a pulse on what customers are saying about new products, promotions, product & service issues, competitive activity & current events.

It’s easy to see why conversations are the most valuable untapped asset of an organization.

Real-time conversation insights are your best source of inputs for:


Automation priorities & bot development


Operational, competitive & trending issues


Sales, marketing, & product opportunities


Agent performance optimization & call disposition

 Our dynamically guided AI & machine learning models drastically improve accuracy, visibility and speed

Continuous Business Insights & Model Learning

Talkmap ingests 100% of customer conversations to deliver continual insights into your most valuable untapped assets- customer conversations. This offers a critical pulse into your customer experience and keeps automation current.

Better-Than-Human Accuracy

Talkmap’s patented AI-powered machine learning- with conversational understanding delivers significantly higher accuracy/ F1 intent scores in nearly real-time.

Never-Before-Seen Visibility Across Millions of Conversations

Talkmap identifies patterns from customer data that point to the best opportunities for business improvements & automation. And a dashboard that make it easy for every person with customer-facing responsibility to access & act on the data.

Linguistics-aidedMachine Learning

Talkmap learns your data, then uses world-leading linguistics expertise to provide transformational visibility into your customer and superior automation.

+200%-500% The Number Of Discovered Bot Intents

Talkmap identifies more intents in a fraction of the time and cost. This improves customer experience by making it easy for people to interact with automation.


Accelerated Time To Value 250x Faster

Talkmap accelerates transformation of Customer Experience by: 1) Identifying issues in operations; 2) Enabling successful automation, and 3) Capturing best practices in scripting to transform all agents into your best agents.

Find out how our learning model can improve your customer interaction rates.

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Accelerated bot development & ongoing automation improvement



Business Intelligence

Transformational speed & visibility into every area of your business





Data-driven discovery of revenue & cost savings opportunities

The world’s largest enterprises are talking about Talkmap

“We talk to millions of Customers a year, yet have no idea what they are saying…”


Former Telco Executive

“This is the first time we are seeing a consolidated view of the customer goals.”


Senior Principal Systems Development Engineer, World Leading Computer Manufacturer

“Nice UI and presentation of the conversation flow… Impressive what you have done.”


Product Manager and Chatbot Lead, World Leading Financial Company

“You (Talkmap) surface user problems and needs, and then categorize them so we can focus on those that are more impactful.”


Executive Director, Global Technology, World Leading Financial Institution

“This platform is like having 300 QA people – except we can use our actual information vs. spot checking”


Contact Center Outsourcing Consultancy Leader

“Nothing I have seen does what you guys do and that is where we can benefit given all our historical data. If we can mine that data to feed the chatbot that would be great.”


VP, Intelligent Automation, World Leading Financial Institution

See the benefits of making your business part of the Talkmap conversation.

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