How Talkmap Was Built: Cracking The Enterprise Call Center Nut With Generative Ai—Part 4

Nov 21, 2023

Radical new approaches to long-standing problems appear thanks to generative AI

Big Idea #4: Nitty Gritty Generative AI Operationalization

Armed with a language model, conversational AI, and the ability to visualize conversations, the next challenge was to deploy these tools at scale. This is the fourth big idea of Talkmap: building an enterprise AI “operating system” that’s safe, secure, managed, unbiased, governable, and runs as a service, so it’s easy to adopt and maintain.

For AI to work safely in the enterprise, it must be trained on your data. Conversational AI experts call this a corpus, a “collection of written texts, especially the works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject.” For a call center, your corpus is a transcribed database of conversations you’ve had with customers, trained to predict what your customers might say next, what your customers care about, and what your customers feel about you.

Making this leap is what great companies are made of — the nitty, gritty work of making AI work.

The details matter. For example, today, Talkmap doesn’t just discover intent in a corpus of data; it discovers it automatically without human intervention in less than 24 hours based on 250,000 conversations.

Talkmap’s operating system doesn’t just train once; it applies continuous learning techniques to adjust algorithms to changing sentiment. This matters because, as Talkmap board member Benjamin Levy says, “Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank thought customers would never leave, but, in today’s digital world, most customers can switch services in minutes.”

These insights, importantly, do not replace human empathy; they enhance it. The whispering robot has millions of data points at its fingertips to predict the next best utterance; it’s up to the human to decide how to use that best guess.

Ultimately, helping humans make better decisions is what matters. To improve the human touch at scale. To protect, promote, and weave the brand promise into every utterance you make to customers. To turn customers into fans.

The enterprise conversational intelligence nut is cracked open; what comes next?

Talkmap has cracked the first enterprise generative AI nut: call centers. But imagine applying the Talkdiscovery operating system to any conversation: sales, marketing, services, and social media to achieve a 360-degree view of your customer based on what they actually say and mean. As Talkmap’s early customers have discovered to their delight – and the improvement of their customer satisfaction rates – conversational intelligence and generative AI is ready for prime time. Which conversation nut will generative AI crack next? Come find out.

Tim Moss

Mark Palmer
Board Member

Jonathan Eisenzopf
Founder & Chief Strategy/Research Officer