How Talkmap Was Built: Big Idea 2 – Intent Discovery for Conversational Analysis

Nov 7, 2023

Radical new approaches to long-standing problems appear thanks to generative AI

The business case for AI is stronger than ever. AI technology has streamlined day-to-day processes, allowing for safe, secure, and rapid solutions to pre-existing business problems. However, the question now becomes: how do you implement AI for your business? One organization that has mastered AI implementation is Talkmap. Talkmap has created an innovative view of language and built a company worth millions that uses AI to help call center agents turn customers into fans. They have been developing their solution for years with one key principle being their use of intent discovery to make their scalable conversation analysis possible.

This article is a continuation of the Talkmap foundation series. You can read part one here.

Big Idea #2: Intent discovery makes conversational analysis possible

When a friend starts a conversation with, “We need to talk,” you get an ominous feeling, don’t you? Talkmap engineers set out to predict this kind of intent at scale.

In 2017, AI, big data, and neural networks made intent discovery within conversations possible, based on Eisenzopf’s language model. They called it Dominant Path Analysis, or DPA.

DPA uncovers intent buried in massive conversation data (a “language corpus”) based on the frequency, strength, and volume of each utterance, agent, and customer. The Talkmap team designed neural networks that uncovered hundreds or thousands of intent models (churn patterns, buying patterns, etc.) quickly and efficiently.

Once uncovered, these intents can be used to understand conversations. For example, suppose AI predicts a customer is about to cancel their service. In that case, an AI robot can whisper to the agent to turn the conversation towards proactively crediting the customer without being asked.

AI is the perfect tool to direct agents to steer conversations toward the most positive outcome among millions of conversations in real time — the gold standard of customer engagement.

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Tim Moss

Mark Palmer
Board Member

Jonathan Eisenzopf
Founder & Chief Strategy/Research Officer