What are Gen AI and LLMs?

In this webinar, David Attwater, Senior Scientist at Talkmap provides a background on Gen AI and LLMs.

In the webinar we will dive into topics such as:

  • Gen AI

  • LLMs

  • Current applications of these concepts with CX

  • Implications for the future related to these topics

Who Should Watch

  • Heads of Customer Experience

  • Heads of Customer Service

  • SVP/VP Digital Experience

  • Anyone wishing to improve their firm’s CX

Our speaker: David Attwater, Senior Scientist, Talkmap

David has over 30 years’ experience in the application of voice technology to enterprise solutions, with an international reputation as a voice technology researcher and designer.

David’s expertise spans a range of language technologies, from core-technology to customer experience. As a voice user interface designer David spends many hours working directly with end-users to understand how to use conversational technologies to match user needs and behaviors.

David is also senior technical advisor to the Open Voice Network (OVON), helping to lead the work on creating standards for interoperability of conversational agents.