How to Use Generative AI and LLMs to improve CX, reduce costs and improve profits

In this event Talkmap EVP, Ken Goldberg, describes how to use Generative AI and LLMs to improve CX, reduce costs and improve profits. David Attwater, Senior Scientist at Talkmap also demonstrates the latest version of our product, and answers audience questions.

Improve CX

Customer contact centers are a key part of CX, a firm’s revenue and their costs. Contact centers receive high volumes of customer conversations, each rich with valuable customer insights regarding customer issues, needs, and complaints. However, the volume, variety and velocity of these conversations pose a significant challenge for leaders wishing to extract timely and actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve profits —until now.

Talkmap revolutionizes this process by converting 100% of customer conversations into valuable CX insights. Trusted by global brands across support, sales, and service, Talkmap empowers businesses to leverage the capabilities of AI and LLMs, thereby improving CX, reducing costs, and boosting profitability.


  • How major challenges in CX can be addressed

  • Major advantages from using 100% of your customer conversations

  • Why LLMs and AI are a transformative technology

  • How Talkmap customers save millions

Who should watch:

  • Heads of Customer Experience

  • Heads of Customer Service

  • SVP/VP Digital Experience

  • And anyone wishing to improve their CX

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