Real-World Case Studies

Benefit: Unlocked Real-Time Customer Insight & Improved CX

Talkmap provides users in roles that impact any portion of the customer experience, with intimate real-time visibility into their customers, including what’s working, what’s not, & why.

Example With Significant Business Impact
A world leading communications company was experiencing a spike in customer complaints that their ‘internet service was too slow’.

Typically, this would have sent the service/network teams searching for the cause.  However, Talkmap quickly found that although the customers were complaining about slow speeds, they described the reason behind it as ‘now working from home’ & ‘kids doing online classes’ as the real call drivers, which meant there was no network issue, but rather an opportunity to upsell these customers to a higher speed package that improved their customer experience and revenue for the company.

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Key KPIs impacted include.


Improved Customer Experience


Operating Cost Reductions


Improved Contact Center Metrics

Game-changing intelligence. Transformational visibility.
At the volume, speed & scale required by the world’s leading brands.