Customer conversations contain the most valuable data for improving your business, but humans can’t analyze them all to identify what’s important.

Talkmap can, with better-than-human accuracy, at the scale of the world’s largest organizations, in a fraction of a second — delivering $100M+ in added value for most enterprises.

Talkmap uses automatic intent discovery to transform 100% of customer conversations into actionable insights about your business.

It’s business intelligence right at the source.

Manual, human-powered methods can’t filter through hundreds of thousands of calls & chats to identify & summarize what’s important, but Talkmap can.

When customers take the time to tell you about their experience, that information is key to improving your company.

Talkmap’s patented technology automates the effort to understand, structure, & visualize 100% of these customer interactions, delivering:

New revenue generation driven by improved customer experience, retention, & acquisition
Operational Improvements from enhanced Voice of the Customer insights
Automation accelerating omni-channel self-service while lowering costs & improving Customer Journeys
It’s Business Intelligence at the source. Better-than-human performance. At scale. In nearly real-time.
Discover critical operational insights.
Get visibility & context into nearly any topic, in real-time.
Enjoy improved CX, automation, & profitability.