Talkmap featured in Opus Research

Apr 4, 2022

“The Conversational Intelligence Gap and What To Do About It”

– Opus Research, April 2022

“One company that is gaining significant traction in this space among industry leaders and systems integrators is Talkmap. Talkmap is a Conversational Intelligence company whose models and algorithms utilize 100% of ongoing customer conversations as they occur to gain accurate and timely visibility into customers and how they change over time. Importantly, because Talkmap’s models are not pre-built, but rather are trained by actual customer conversations, their accuracy, value, and actionability are all demonstrably improved and is what enables it to work on an ongoing, sustainable basis. As customers change, Talkmap’s models identify it.”

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About Opus Research

Opus Research is a diversified advisory and analysis firm providing critical insight on software and services that support digital transformation. Opus Research is focused on the merging of intelligent assistance, NLU, machine learning, conversational AI, conversational intelligence, intelligent authentication, service automation and digital commerce.

About Talkmap

Talkmap is a revolutionary conversational intelligence platform company that can transform all call center calls and chats into actionable customer intelligence. The company combines world-leading linguistics with AI-powered machine learning and massive computational power that enables dramatically improved revenues for the world’s most valuable brands by building a contextually enriched, insightful understanding across their cloud and customer data platforms. Talkmap has partnered with leading Systems Integrators and leading firms throughout the Martech and EX stacks to provide native integrations into the leading CRM, ERP, and HR platforms. Talkmap delivers business intelligence at the source. Better-than-human accuracy. Unsupervised, automatic learning. At scale. For more information, visit